Sa’Sen Yin Online Seminar

20th and 21 st June

We are living in a moment of big changes and very fast processes.
Now, more than ever, it is important to stay very centered, so that we can connect with our Real Self. In this way we can express who we really are, and not let all the outer movements take us away from our own way and purpose. Then we are able to really manifest the life that we came here for.
This event is a very unique opportunity to work with the 4 best therapists of the Sa’Sen Yin method, and with its founder, the Zen Master Ria Panen Godesberg......for a price never seen before!

This seminar offers the great chance to take part in 10 workshops during 2 days.
The participants will be guided to work on their limitations, inner blockages and physical problems.

This event is a very unique opportunity to work with the 5 best therapists of the Sa’Sen Yin method, and with its founder, the Zen Master Ria Panen Godesberg......for a price never seen before!

This seminar offers the great chance to take part in 10 workshops during 2 days. The participants will be guided to work on their limitations, inner blockages and physical problems.


Those participants who are interested in going deeply into their own process after this workshop, can then directly contact the therapists with whom they want to continue the work.

Giulia Campinoti, Sa’Sen Yin coach, is the organizer of this special event, where you will have the opportunity to do inner work at a depth never offered before, WHILE STAYING AT HOME.

Giulia will be leading 2 of the 10 workshops.

All of the workshops will be bilingual. The basic language for all of them is English; half will also be in Spanish and half also in German. You can find the languages of each workshop in its description.


Once you send your registration, you will be provided with the Zoom links that will be valid to participate during the 2 days.

The schedule of these 2 days is designed to give the opportunity to participants from all over the world to work at least once with each one of the coaches during the 2 days.

You can find the schedule at the bottom.

  • The price is € 100 for the 2 days and 10 workshops.
  • You can only buy the two-day seminar as a whole.
  • The FULL PACKAGE includes the 2 days of live workshops AND the 10 recordings for only 135€
  • If for any reason, you cannot attend the live workshops, this is your own responsibility.
  • If you can't make the times of the schedule, buy the FULL PACKAGE which gives you access to all the workshop recordings so that you can do them in your own time,  or redo them at a later date.
  • There are no refunds, once you have bought your event tickets.

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Ria Panen Godesberg

Ria Panen Godesberg is the founder, director and creator of Sa’Sen Yin, institution for personal development in evolutionary consciousness and professional training as a therapist. She was born clairvoyant which she developed to an extremely high level. She started teaching yoga and corporal expression at the age of 17. She studied from 1972 medicine, homeopathy, anthroposophical medicine and anthroposophical curative education as well as geotherapy, herbal therapy and aromatherapy, several kinds of massage. Since 1980 she shares her wisdom all over the world. In 1993 she was called Zen-master, master over life. This same year she concluded the different branches of what is now called the “Sa’Sen Yin non-methodical method”. She speaks many languages; here she will speak in English-German-Spanish. More about her on



Giulia Campinoti

Sa'Sen Yin counselor and coach specialized in body movement observation and guiding people to find the root cause of their challenges, helping them to heal.

Giulia was trained as a dancer since a young age and worked as an artist, dance teacher and choreographer.

She entered the holistic world in 2013 using techniques such as yoga, breath work, biodance, shamanism, women's workshops, womb healing, chakra balancing and reiki.

In 2016 Giulia trained to become a Sa'Sen Yin therapist. Sa'Sen Yin founder Ria Panen Godesberg together with her developed the IDOL “Inner Dance Of Love” technique. This technique is based on the observation of body movements and coaching to release forgotten memories and liberate limiting patterns.

March 2020 she also became a Reintegration Massage therapist which is another Sa’Sen Yin branch, to help people reintegrate forgotten parts of the subconscious.

Giulia helps you to heal your life deeply by working on an emotional, physical and psychological level.

She speaks English, Spanish , Italian and French.

+34 646788572

Sharon Loerzer

Sharon Loerzer is one of the original Sa'Sen Yin students, and has been working closely beside the founder Ria Panen Godesberg, as one of her most experienced therapists.

She is dedicated to the well-being and growth of families, children, parents, schools and teachers. She has developed transformational courses for parents and teachers, working in Spain and internationally.

Sharon also specializes in the reintegration of trauma, reading the Akashic Records, and releasing family patterns.

She runs the Family Evolution Center in Ibiza, Spain, where she teaches courses for personal and professional growth.

+34 639467279

Amina Bender

Amina Bender has worked as an art therapist for 22 years and as a Sa'Sen Yin therapist for 13 years. She accompanies people through deep processes of change, helps to release blockages, old patterns and traumas (from this and other lives) with the use of clairvoyance and helps them to live their true self and their potential in love and consciousness. She gives parent seminars, youth seminars, meditations, and seminars on various topics of personality development. She is married and mother of 2 children.

+49 75519899488

Corina Wagner

Corinna’s first occupation is working as a structural architect, specialised in the preservation of historical monuments. 2009 changed her inner experience because of the birth of her second child again with multiple disabilities and with the help of Sa'Sen Yin work she returned to her roots.

Since 2013 she has been working successfully as an architect and certified Sa`Sen Yin coach, teacher and Ria’s right hand and gives seminars in which she combines both professions. More about her on




-Practical deep work in the chakras


Ria will start the seminar with deep works in the chakras while at the same time explaining where they are situated and what they stand for. With this work you will prepare your own vibrational state and raise it, so you will even be better prepared for the whole seminar.

-¨Incarnation ¨


Ria will finish the seminar with the theme “incarnation” which will give your mind the possibility to start thinking in a far wider range, leaving behind a conditioned believe system. You will understand more why we are here on earth and what is happening.


-Where do your inner limits come from?

Supported by IDOL Inner Dance Of Love


We work from the heart and sacral chakra with our inner limits through body movements, while guided by Giulia and music. We will work on those limits we inherited from our linage, family, society education etc. while seeing and understanding them.
Required: a yoga mat, a carpet or a bed with some space on the side.

-Find your real self through Emotional Body Consciousness

English -Spanish

Understanding all that you really are, much far beyond your emotions and blockages of your body that limit you.

Needed: a yoga mat, a carpet or a bed as well as a scarf or something to cover your eyes.


-The gift behind our blockages


Behind every blockage lies something that we need for our learning, growth and well-being. The blockage can look like anger, fear, depression, busy-ness, stress or illness.

Here we will visit what happens when we pass through the density of the blockage and find what lies awaiting. This will make it easier to move forward bringing new energy to your life.

-Being the guardian of our next generation


This workshop is for ALL of us, as we are each of us part of the environment that is influencing and creating the coming generations on this planet. Being a biological parent is one way, yet it is not the only way.

Here we will see how you yourself can be part of the long-term parenting of the young people of today, and make a better world THROUGH the next generation, not just FOR them.


-Free yourself from inner pressure


With this workshop Amina will guide you through a deep process in which you will look at what is causing you pressure, how and where you put yourself under pressure and how you can let go to regain your original freedom.

- From Control to Trust


Amina will accompany you in a way that you can feel and see where you try to maintain control, how you can let go to gain more trust and be more able to stand up for yourself.


- What your hands have to tell you


In the first seminar you will discover with Corinna what your hands have to tell you. Through this work you can learn to be more free and grateful with yourself. You will need a book, 2 sheets of white A4 paper and colour pencils.

-Through the experience of the outer space to your own inner space


Corinna will guide you through the experience of the outer space to your own inner space. You will learn how to anchor yourself there more firmly in order to stand better and more relaxed in your place in life. You need to be alone in a room and have paper and pencil with you.


Saturday 20th June

  • -10 am Ria -Practical deep work in the chakras
  • -45 minutes break
  • -12pm Giulia - Where do your inner limits come from ?
  • -45 minutes break
  • -2pm Amina -Free yourself from inner pressure
  • -45 minutes break
  • -4pm Corinna -What your hands have to tell you
  • -45 minutes break
  • -6pm Sharon -The gift behind our blockages

Sunday 21th June

  • -10am Amina -From Control to Trust
  • -45 minutes break
  • -12pm Giulia -Find your real self through Emotional Body Consciousness
  • -45 minutes break
  • -2pm Sharon -Being the guardian of our next generation
  • -45minutes break
  • -4pm Corinna -Through the experience of the outer space to your own inner space
  • -45minutes break
  • -6pm Ria -“incarnation”